Endless Pursuit is a 2D Low-res style  twin stick shooter where your only goal is to survive the endless wave of enemies that are dangerous enough to defeat you.

Controls :

WASD  - Move

Mouse - Aim

Left Click - Shoot


you can change the palette or theme of the game on the main menu.


I would like to thank the following :

for their wonderful color palettes . all of which are available at : https://lospec.com/palette-list

and also a HUGE thank you for GucioDev for his wonderful tutorial and his game Submarino for the huge inspiration for the project.

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"FIGHT ME IF YOU DARE. I AM A GATLING GUN." is what i'm yelling when I play this game. 10/10, would recommend (i am not a inspector)

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just let him/her be happy.


Wait, is this really stolen?! :O

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That's disappointing. He does give credit in the description. Still, it seems wrong. :(

To be clear. Its not stolen, just because it looks similar in a way doesnt mean its stolen. I did this to learn game development and some way to sell the game itself or something.



very good


Really liked it, well polished and well done hoping to see more from you in the future


Thank you! Glad you liked it


This game is so awesome. Can't wait to see more games from you. 

Nice work, keep up the good work


Thank you ! I'm glad that you like it


This has amazing game feel! I wish it had some more depth to it so I could play it for hours!

Thank you. I'm glad that you liked it!


CONGRATULATIONS!! I featured your game in today's video! Endless Pursuit is incredible and I can't wait to see more! 


Wow! Thanks man, I've watched the whole video . I can't help myself smiling the fact the someone featured my game. Liked the video and subscribe to your channel waiting for more. thanks again !


This game is so awesome i cant help myself to not play it i played it for 2hrs now and my HighScore is 1179 lets see who can break it ;D


show me proof


Very stylistic game, nice work.

The good:

  • The black shadow along each pixel sprite gives the game a cool elevated style, and the colour palette presets all give nice options for customisation.
  • The gameplay feels super smooth, the screen-shake when firing the gun gives the game a nice weight. Controls are very responsive.
  • The sounds and music all fit the games graphics perfectly. The particle effects make the game feel polished.

Improvement suggestions (this is my opinion, not saying you have to do this, just suggestions):

  • I was clicking rapidly until I found out holding down left mouse button lets you fire infinitely, so most of the time I was just holding this down. This seems a bit pointless, since in what situation am I not going to want to shoot, right? Perhaps the player could automatically fire, or maybe there is a cooldown, so if you are firing for to long, the gun needs to cool off. This way, you need to be more strategic about when you are firing. Or, maybe just one click does one shot but that's not as fun as the previous idea.
  • The ship movement was a bit disorientating at first. I was expecting the ship to move relative to the direction it is facing. This is more of a minor point, since it doesn't take long to get used to the controls, but still thought it was worth mentioning.
  • There isn't much of a reward system in place. Sure, I want to beat my previous score, but that's just a number. If I unlocked something each time I played, or was given a progress bar showing my next unlock that would be cool. In fact, you could already offer the colour palettes as unlocks, since these are a super-nice feature already included in the current game.

Overall, super nice work man, you already have a great game here. Looking forward to seeing what comes next. :)


Thank you for giving good feedbacks for improving the game . I'll take note on this, thanks again for giving the game a chance and play it


Dude, i like how you made the color pallet thing, and the hole game art is DOPE. Good job!


Thank you so much!


Can you download this game?

Currently no, but I could try making a stand alone version of it.


This game is hard, but thrilling. Hoping for the ability to full screen in the future.

Thank you. I'll be working on the fullscreen which I haven't really solve it yet. I'll be updating it as soon as I can get it fix. thanks again for trying the game , really appreciated it!